A well that is properly sited and constructed provides your municipality’s residents with fresh, clean drinking water. Yet even safe-to-drink water can leave citizens wary if the water’s aesthetic is unappealing. If your residents are unhappy with the look, smell, or taste of your municipality’s water, the experts at Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) can help. 

Different approaches are needed to address different aesthetic water quality issues. Well water often contains iron or manganese, which can cause cloudy and odorous water; these contaminants can be removed at the well house using filters or stabilized using chemicals. Unidirectional flushing is effective at removing sediment from water mains, and odors can be treated using aeration or other forms of oxidation. Regardless of the problem, R/M has the knowledge and experience to enhance your municipality’s drinking water.

Improved aesthetic water quality results in greater resident confidence, allowing you to spend your valuable time on important tasks rather than responding to complaints. Let R/M help you provide the best water quality possible to your customers.


  • Well Siting and Permitting
  • Well Design
  • Well Head Protection Plans
  • Master Planning Studies
  • Distribution System Software Modeling
  • Treatment Pilot Testing
  • Treatment Process Design
  • Storage Facility Sizing and Design
  • Pumping Station Design
  • Construction Review
  • Construction Administration
  • Funding and Rate Studies
  • Assessment Studies
  • Asset Management Programs
The Muskego Water Utility always relies on R/M for water supply projects. We’ve used them to site and design our wells, treatment systems, and storage facilities. They also perform construction management on these projects. The knowledge and expertise in water supply R/M provides is a very valuable asset to this utility and its customers.
— Muskego Water Utility, WI