City of Pewaukee, WI

Project Description

When constructed in 1974, the 250,000 gallon elevated tank for the City of Pewaukee was adequate for serving the small customer base. Planning for a larger tank began in 1999, but was delayed for a number of reasons, one of which was finding a suitable site. Finally in December 2015, the City of Pewaukee awarded the contract to construct a 750,000 gallon tank. By then the original tank, which had not been re-coated for years because of lead in the paint, was looking pretty shabby.

Project Highlights

The initial struggle on the project was finding a suitable site for the tank. Height restrictions associated with the nearby Waukesha County airport placed limits on when the tank could be constructed, as did the lack of available land. In the end, the new tank was located 200 feet from the old tank on the busy City Hall campus site. To keep it out of the way of planned future building additions on the site, the tank was located on a steep hillside. This made the site design a challenge, including the construction of a tall retaining wall. Upon the tank being put on line, utility staff immediately noticed improved pressure stability, especially when flushing. The tank includes a mixing system to help keep the water fresh.

Services Provided

  • Facility siting.

  • Permitting.

  • Design.

  • Construction review and administration.