Village of Hartland, WI

Project Description

Windrush was a significant residential development proposed for the northeast part of Hartland. A portion of the Windrush site is at a higher elevation, requiring boosting in order to provide the homes with satisfactory water pressure. Additional developable land adjacent to Windrush also required pressure boosting if served by Village utilities. A plan for the future service area was needed.

Project Highlights

Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) first looked at the entire potential developable area that would need pressure boosting in order to determine the needed booster station capacity. R/M worked with Village utility staff to determine the best location for the station, which turned out to be at the site of an elevated tank. The station design included a natural gas fueled generator to assure the ability to operate during a power outage.

The Village wanted at least minimal backup in case something other than a power outage knocked out the main station. The solution was a "mini" booster station. The mini booster station looks like a well casing and requires no building, making it an economical backup. R/M finished up the project by providing PLC and SCADA programming. The stations were operational in time to water the sod for the Parade of Homes show that year.

Services Provided

  • Facility planning for a boosted pressure service area.

  • Booster station design.

  • Securing DNR and PSC permits.

  • Construction review and administration.

  • PLC and SCADA programming.