City of Oconomowoc, WI

Project Description

Allen Road in the City of Oconomowoc was a rural cross section street in poor condition with drainage, safety and capacity issues. The project was included as part of the 2016 Street Projects and consisted of the reconstruction of 2,500 lineal feet of Allen Road in an area of the City that has experienced substantial residential development over the past 15-years. The intersection of Allen Road at Concord Road was realigned to a “T” intersection to improve traffic safety and sight distances. Road lanes were widened to accommodate shared vehicle and bicycle traffic along a new urban cross section installed to meet the increased traffic volumes. A multi-use path was installed along Allen Road and Concord Road connecting the adjacent subdivisions to City walkways connecting to the downtown area, eliminated a dangerous pedestrian route along the roadway. Drainage problems and encroaching wetlands were also addressed.

Project Highlights

Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) incorporated a grass-lined swale behind the curb and gutter system to allow for treatment and infiltration of the runoff prior to reaching the wetlands and conveyance systems leading to the Oconomowoc River, which is in the Rock River Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) area. Infiltration testing conducted along this roadway indicated highly porous soils capable of high rates of infiltration. The result is a traditional urban section roadway with curb cuts and a grass swale system that work in conjunction with each other to reduce runoff peak flows and volumes, and provide water quality treatment. This system produces a 90 percent reduction in both TSS and phosphorus over the typical no controls urban roadway section.

Services Provided

  • Road Reconstruction and Multi-Use Path Design and Bidding Services.

  • Construction Review, Staking and Construction Administration.

  • Coordinated Private Utility Relocations in Public Right-of-Way.

  • Dedicated Detour Route During Construction.

  • Storm Water Management Improvements to help the City meet TMDL Requirements.

  • Public Involvement.