The Transportation Economic Assistance (TEA) program provides matching state grants to governing bodies for road, rail, harbor, and airport projects that help attract employers to Wisconsin, or encourage business and industry to remain and expand in the state.

Application Deadline:  Year-round

Organization: WI DOT

Eligible Projects: 
Each state fiscal year, the TEA program has $3.4 million available for transportation improvement projects. Grants of up to $1 million are available for transportation improvements that are essential for an economic development project. The transportation project must have the local government's endorsement, benefit the public, and begin within three years of project agreement. The program is designed to implement an improvement more quickly than normal state programming processes allow. The 50% local match can come from any combination of local, federal, or private funds or in-kind services.

Funding Amount: Lesser of $1,000,000 or 50% of project cost.