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Community Development Investment Grant

The goal of the Community Development Investment (CDI) Grant Program is to incent primarily downtown community development in the state of Wisconsin.

Application Deadline:  Anytime

Local Roads Improvement Program

Established in 1991, the Local Roads Improvement Program (LRIP) assists local governments in improving seriously deteriorating county highways, town roads, and city and village streets.

Application Deadline:  May 1

Public Facilities Economic Development Grant

Public Facilities Economic Development Grants are awarded to local governments for public infrastructure projects that support business expansion or retention.

Application Deadline:  Anytime

Transportation Economic Assistance (TEA)

The Transportation Economic Assistance (TEA) program provides matching state grants to governing bodies for road, rail, harbor, and airport projects that help attract employers to Wisconsin, or encourage business and industry to remain and expand in the state.

Application Deadline:  Year-round