The Targeted Runoff Management (TRM) Grant Program offers competitive grants for local governments for the control of pollution that comes from diffuse sources, also called “nonpoint source” (NPS) pollution. Grants from the TRM Program reimburse costs for agricultural or urban runoff management practices in targeted, critical geographic areas with surface water or groundwater quality concerns.

Application Deadline:  April 15

Organization: WI DNR

Eligible Projects: 
Grant monies may fund the construction of best management practices (BMPs) to control nonpoint source pollution. They can also fund BMP design as part of a construction project. The cost-share rate for TRM projects is up to 70 percent of eligible costs. Municipal employee force account work may be reimbursable up to 5 percent of the total project reimbursement.

Funding Amount: Lesser of $1,000,000 or 70% of cost.