As communities continue to look towards more sustainable infrastructure options, updating lighting systems is often a great place to start. Though we often think of the lights in our buildings, street lighting systems are great candidates for new and improved lighting. Implementing an LED lighting system can mean not only a lower utility bill, but also a lower impact on the environment for your community.

Here are 5 reasons why your community should consider upgrading to a LED street lighting system:

  1. Reduced Energy Consumption
    Upgrading to LED fixtures results in lower utility bills. Modern LED lights can generate the same or better illumination as traditional street lighting fixtures with up to 50% lower energy input [source: SpecGrade LED].
  2. Longer Lifespan = Less Maintenance
    An LED light can last up to 100,000 hours [source: Philips]. This expanded service life is substantially longer than the older technology HPS or MH fixtures, thus reducing ongoing maintenance costs. 
  3. Better Color Performance
    The color stability of LEDs provides more consistent light output performance over their lifespan. Due to concerns of LEDs producing “too white” of a light, manufacturers are now also offering “warmer” light output options. As an added bonus, LED doesn’t generate the bug-attracting ultraviolet light. 
  4. Improved Safety
    Since LEDs produce directional light (instead of glowing), they allow for communities to aim their streetlights, reducing dark spots and shadows. LED optics can also be used to reduce or even eliminate glare. 
  5. Greater Functionality & New Uses
    Unlike HPS or MH lamps, LED lights don’t need to be warmed up and are able to be dimmed. Communities are using LEDs to create intelligent lighting systems that can increase in brightness when vehicles or pedestrians are present, and dim when they are not needed. Additionally, some LEDs can allow you to create a blinking system to alert officials of an emergency or maintenance needs.

If you have an existing system you would like evaluated for an upgrade to LEDs, or have an area you would like to add street lighting to, R/M has the electrical engineering experience needed to produce a successful project.

For more information on getting your street lighting updated, contact an expert today.

About the Author

Patrick T. Wohlers, P.E.

Patrick T. Wohlers, P.E. 
Senior Project Manager

Pat's experience as a project engineer and project manager includes the planning, design, and implementation of electrical systems for municipal facilities, including: indoor and outdoor lighting systems, power distribution, control systems and process instrumentation. Additionally, he has extensive experience with design of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for computer based control and monitoring of utility facilities. Pat has been employed by R/M since 1990.

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