For more than 20 years Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) has provided cutting-edge GIS solutions to clients in the municipal sector. R/M is excited to launch their latest solution for managing infrastructure assets and processes, AssetAlly. 

AssetAlly is a GIS-driven solution that integrates all of a community's assets into a single, intuitive, digital tool that empowers staff to be more productive with easy access to accurate infrastructure data. 

A primary benefit to this new solution is the ability to access community assets and information anywhere, on any device. This increases efficiency, accuracy, and reduces costs by enabling municipal staff to view and edit live data where they need it most, in the field.

Organized Infrastructure. Accessible Anywhere. 

Built from 20+ years of input from over 50 communities, R/M developed AssetAlly to specifically solve common problems for municipalities. Often, communities suffer from inefficient processes or disconnected technologies for managing their assets. AssetAlly allows them to easily log inspections, flag repairs, visualize problem areas, and access historical data while in the field.

Backed by R/M's team of GIS and technology experts, AssetAlly is effortless to deploy and intuitive enough for even the smallest communities to be successful without advanced expertise. By utilizing cloud technology, the need for expensive IT requirements and tedious software updates are eliminated.  

Integrate Your Assets. Connect Your Community. 

AssetAlly is designed for communities to easily kick-start and scale their asset management program by offering various integrated solutions and flexible pricing. 

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