The City of Pewaukee Water & Sewer Utility has been proactive recently in upgrading several components of their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System. By anticipating needs in advance, several smaller projects were able to be budgeted for and sequenced out over a several year period. Their SCADA component upgrades included:

  1. Server and workstation computer upgrades.
  2. Latest SCADA HMI software version upgrades.
  3. New reporting software implementation.
  4. Radio communications system upgrade.
  5. Prioritized replacement of select remote station control panels.
  6. Automated chemical usage data integration into DNR reports for wells.
  7. Secure SCADA system remote access.

Doing all of the above items in one budget year could produce sticker shock and financial strain. However, planning yearly or bi-annual projects can better focus on only the system components currently in need of attention. This phased approach continues to help the City of Pewaukee keep current with SCADA industry trends. 

Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. has the experienced SCADA professionals that can assist you in identifying the TLC that your utility's SCADA System would benefit from. Please contact our SCADA experts to discuss the specifics of your system.

About the Author

Patrick T. Wohlers, P.E.

Patrick T. Wohlers, P.E. 
Team Leader / Senior Project Manager

Pat serves as the Team Leader for Ruekert & Mielke’s (R/M’s) electrical, SCADA and IT services group. His experience as a project engineer and project manager includes the planning, design, and implementation of electrical systems for municipal facilities, including: indoor and outdoor lighting systems, power distribution, control systems and process instrumentation. Additionally, he has extensive experience with design of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for computer based control and monitoring of utility facilities. Pat has been employed by R/M since 1990.

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