The Village of Fox Point obtained an Urban Nonpoint Source Planning Grant from the Wisconsin DNR to update the Village's storm water management plan, emphasizing water quality modeling, updating ordinances, and evaluating Milwaukee River TMDL requirements. The Village selected Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) in part due to their comprehensive storm water experience and capabilities in order to fully utilize the grant funding. 

R/M recognized that the best way to keep accurate and easily accessible records for the Village's storm water management activities was to implement GIS tools that could better organize and streamline storm water practices and processes. R/M worked with the Village to create applicable permit mapping and TMDL study layers in the Village's existing GIS system, allowing the Village to access and update construction permits, illicit discharge monitoring, field inventory, storm water pollution protection plans (SWPPP), maintenance work, and many other Village storm water or asset management activities; having these tools and capabilities in place will help streamline future permit compliance requirements. 

For more information on utilizing GIS for your MS4 or TMDL compliance requirements, contact a GIS expert.

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Tim Anderson

Timothy J. Anderson
GIS Team Leader

Tim has 21 years of experience in the planning, design, drafting and construction of engineering projects, including more than 16 years of managing CADD and GIS staff. His experience includes the site development, grading, drainage, and utility design of municipal projects for road, sewer, water, and wastewater utilities. He serves in a supervisory role, managing several multi-discipline engineering technicians and GIS program analysts through his role as CADD/GIS Team Leader. This role focuses heavily on infrastructure management through web-based GIS solutions for many government entities through Wisconsin and Illinois.  He has assisted the firm in several technological advances throughout his career at the firm, including eFieldReporting™ construction review reporting, as well as the direction and leadership of our latest web-based GIS solutions. 

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