Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be your one stop for filing and retrieval of your MS4 and TMDL records. Permit compliance activities can be simplified by tracking multiple project sites and related records through GIS.

Within your GIS application, information pertaining to your MS4 and TMDL programs can be linked to assets and other GIS features. Examples include:

  • Linking approved maintenance plans and/or historic inspection records to ponds and other BMPs.
  • Linking illicit discharge inspection reports to storm sewer end sections.
  • Tracking pollutant trading and/or adaptive management projects throughout a watershed.

For a more advanced solution that can help improve the efficiency of your data gathering, our integrated GIS tools for BMP inspections, illicit discharge inspections and erosion control inspections can be used in real time during an inspection of an asset. Once the inspection is saved, it becomes a standing historical record in your GIS. Annual reporting to the regulatory agencies can be as simple as exporting the data or providing the agencies with a view-only login.

For more information on how GIS can make your document filing and retrieval more streamlined and intuitive, contact Tim Anderson.

About the Author

Tim Anderson

Timothy J. Anderson
GIS Team Leader

Tim has 21 years of experience in the planning, design, drafting and construction of engineering projects, including more than 16 years of managing CADD and GIS staff. His experience includes the site development, grading, drainage, and utility design of municipal projects for road, sewer, water, and wastewater utilities. He serves in a supervisory role, managing several multi-discipline engineering technicians and GIS program analysts through his role as CADD/GIS Team Leader. This role focuses heavily on infrastructure management through web-based GIS solutions for many government entities through Wisconsin and Illinois.  He has assisted the firm in several technological advances throughout his career at the firm, including eFieldReporting™ construction review reporting, as well as the direction and leadership of our latest web-based GIS solutions. 

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