Every municipality is tasked with the responsibility of both creating and maintaining valuable assets. From water supply lines to roadways and gutters, your investments and assets need to be adequately managed to assure continued return from these facilities. Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) has the expertise and experience to assist your community in protecting these very valuable assets.

With the help of R/M, your municipality will enjoy endless capabilities when it comes to managing both your assets and workflow. Our long-range capital planning knowledge helps you to assess, prioritize, and focus on your current and future projects and needs, while our work management software helps your staff deal with day-to-day processes.

By utilizing R/M’s extensive knowledge and experience, your municipality can enjoy peace of mind when planning and budgeting for today and tomorrow. Whether your needs lie in work management or capital planning, the experts at R/M are eager to assist you in bettering and prolonging your municipality’s valued assets. 


  • Capitol Improvement Planning
  • Pavement Management Program
  • Operations Assessment
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Enterprise Asset Management Software Implementation
  • Asset Management Needs Assessment
  • Software Needs Assessment