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SCADA systems are a vital tool to the day to day operations of water and wastewater utilities. Being educated on the latest SCADA hardware and software will allow you to better plan for the future of your systems so you can maximize efficiency and return on investment.

Attend this can't-miss webinar to learn from expert thought-leaders about emerging trends and planning for the future of SCADA. We’ll explain the latest SCADA technologies and trends that will drive the water and wastewater industry forward.

Topics Include:

  • Hardware

    • Wireless Instrumentation

    • Cellular Telemetry

    • Software

  • Software

    • Reporting Capabilities

    • SCADA Software

    • Remote System Access

    • Modern Design Techniques

    • Predictive Maintenance

  • System Architecture

    • Cloud-based SCADA Systems

    • Cyber Security

    • SCADA and GIS

    • Virtualization