Thermo-Fischer Scientific

Project Description

Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) was selected as the design firm for the Thermo-Fisher Site Improvements project located on the south side of Fitchburg, WI. The site redevelopment included two new parking lots (13,000 sq.ft. and 11,000 sq.ft.), a delivery truck staging area, a new 1,500 linear feet of truck access drive, resurfacing of the existing facility loop road, and a modular block retaining wall within the 20–acre Thermo-Fisher campus. In addition, the project also included the design of bio-retention areas to satisfy local drainage and water quality requirements.

Project Highlights


The impetus for the improvements was the reconstruction of Verona Road (STH 151) by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT), which resulted in the closure of Thermo’s truck access to Verona Frontage Road. R/M was instrumental in the compensation negotiation with WDOT; providing detailed concept plans and construction cost estimates for reconfiguration of truck traffic.

With the addition of new parking lots and access roads, the project required the installation of approximately 700 linear feet of new infrastructure to convey storm water to the appropriate facilities located on-site. Along with storm water conveyance, the project utilized BMPs to achieve infiltration, oil & grease control, and 80% TSS reduction for the new parking lots. These storm water BMPs also achieved water quantity control, even though it was not required due to regional detention.

The project also provided the opportunity to improve pedestrian movements throughout the campus. A combination of raised concrete speed humps, painted crosswalks, and signage were included as part of the project.

Construction of this project began in 2016 and was completed in 2017. The estimated cost of construction for all work was $970,000.

Services Provided

R/M’s responsibilities included all aspects of site civil engineering including:

  • grading

  • new roadway layout and design

  • new parking lot design

  • water main reconstruction

  • storm sewer design

  • storm water management

Services also included extensive coordination with the City of Fitchburg for approval of site improvements, including erosion control and storm water management.