Local Utility Company, WI

Project Overview

Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) has worked with a local utility company to ensure their storm water infrastructure not only keeps their business running and their customers happy, but also meets the compliance needs across the areas of service. For the various locations in which their facilities are built, R/M collaborated with the client to ensure green infrastructure met their requirements.

Riverbend Substation

A large rain garden was constructed to supplement the substation drainage plan to improve runoff quality to a nearby wetland and stream as well as promote infiltration and reduce runoff volume. The rain garden served to increase overall site detention times and increase the length and time of the over flow path of the runoff to further improve peak flow reduction and infiltration.

We Energies_Riverbend Substation Rain Garden.jpg
We Energies_Riverbend Substation Rain Garden2.jpg

Berryville Rain Gardens, Bioretention

Several rain gardens and bioretention facilities were designed to reduce runoff and improve water quality as well as to promote infiltration. This project is located in the upper reaches of the Des Plains River watershed which has some of the most strict runoff restrictions in the State. The numerous facilities work in harmony to not only meet these strict requirements but also mimic existing hydrology to and around the adjacent wetland complex.

We Energies_Berryville Rain Gardens Bioretention.jpg

Pewaukee Data Center

R/M designed a bio-retention facility to accommodate additional runoff generated from the building and parking lot expansion.

We Energies_Pewaukee Data Center Bioretention Facility22.jpg
We Energies_Pewaukee Data Center Bioretention Facility.jpg