School District of New Berlin, WI

Project Description

Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) designed site engineering plans for a major addition to this existing school facility. The project included the design of two large rain gardens adjacent to a new idea laboratory section of the building. The rain gardens were developed to receive storm water from the majority of the expansive school roof and to infiltrate the water naturally into the ground instead of directing it to another area of the site.

Project Highlights

The rain garden design included an engineered soil mix created to maximize the infiltration rate of the water into the earth, and also to provide a growing medium for plugs of native plants. The native plants have extensive root systems that help to soak up water and promote infiltration. The species were specifically selected not only for their tolerance of periodic flooding conditions, but also to provide an aesthetic natural compliment to the new building.

Rain Garden at New Berlin Schools.JPG

The idea laboratory serves to promote creative thinking and innovation for the New Berlin West students. The native plant bioinfiltration process in the rain garden functions as an outdoor educational component of the laboratory. As an element of their class work, the students can learn about the role that native plants play in natural storm water treatment and infiltration. Students can also learn about how the plants benefit natural ecological processes by providing valuable wildlife habitat and food sources.

Rain Garden at New Berlin Schools 1.JPG

Services Provided

  • Planning, Design, and Construction Services

  • Restoration Design with Native Vegetation

  • Sustainable Design for Storm Water Facilities

  • Pavement and Pavement Marking Designs

  • Sanitary, Water, and Storm Sewer Designs

  • Design of improvements to CTH “D”

  • Tennis Court Layout and Design