City of Oconomowoc, WI

Project Description

Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) supervised the reconstruction of portions of South Street, Third Street and South Main Street in the City of Oconomowoc. The project involved rehabilitation of the sanitary sewers and water mains, as well as a complete reconstruction of the urban crosssection streets, including storm sewer, curb and gutter, decorative street lighting, and brick paved terraces and cross walks. These two streets were reconstructed with streetscaping details used in the full-blown reconstruction of Wisconsin Avenue and North Main Street in 2008.

Project Highlights

R/M worked together with the City of Oconomowoc’s Downtown Technical Resource Committee to incorporate all of the new design elements. Brick pavers in claret and regimental red were laid in a herringbone pattern between the new curb and the new sidewalks. Brick pavers were also used for all of the crosswalks on these streets. Since these streets are adjacent to the public library and municipal parking lot, these pedestrian amenities are especially welcome. New street lights feature fluted posts, decorative scrollwork and banner arms. This project involved extensive public involvement and coordination with area residents, businesses, a local church, the United States Post Office and City festival parades.

Services Provided

  • Street Design

  • Streetscaping

  • Water Relays

  • Sanitary Sewer Relays

  • Bidding

  • Construction Administration

  • Approvals and Submittals