City of Kenosha, WI

Project Description

The City of Kenosha has an aged storm sewer system with multiple improvements. However, they had no way to quantify those improvements as part of their MS4 Permit. Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) was retained to perform a comprehensive City-wide storm water study for both water quantity and water quality. Additionally, R/M is providing the analysis in conjunction with a GIS interface. This allows the City to view the extent of street flooding that may occur dependent upon a specific year storm event. The models were created using XP-SWMM 2D modeling software with an extensive and collaborative look at watersheds, basins, sub-basins and environmentally sensitive areas.

Project Highlights

Integration of model results into a GIS mobile viewer has allowed the City to determine the footprint of street flooding based on specific year storm events.

Services Provided

  • Storm Water Management Facilities
  • WPDES Permitting Requirements
  • SLAMM Analysis
  • XP-SWMM Analysis
  • GIS Services
  • Storm Water Modeling