The School District of South Milwaukee hired Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) to review an ongoing drainage problem on their high school football field. The field becomes saturated when it rains. The wet conditions make it difficult to maintain the natural grass causing field activities to sometimes be delayed or moved elsewhere. Parts of the field are below the FEMA base flood elevation and the field is hydraulically connected to Oak Creek. R/M met with School District Staff to find out what had already been done to mitigate the problem. R/M also reviewed the construction plan drawings, the FEMA flood study, and a recent geotechnical report. Three alternatives were then reviewed, including minor field enhancements, construction of a complete new grass turf field, and construction of a new synthetic turf system. 

R/M recommended the School District construct a new grass turf field rather than minor enhancements because additional minor enhancements were not likely to improve functionality of the field. R/M also recommended the School District construct a new grass turf field rather than a new synthetic turf system because a synthetic turf field had a higher cost, required additional storm water management facilities, and is subject to flooding.

R/M has conducted several drainage studies for its clients. Significant rainfall events this past fall and winter along with the current wet weather this spring have served as a reminder of drainage issues at your school sites or within your communities. Our storm water experts can evaluate your drainage concerns and develop recommendations to fit your needs. For example, if your concerns are minor, R/M may visit the site and perform a quick desk top analysis. If your concerns are larger in scale, R/M can complete a more detailed study involving topographic survey and computer modeling. If you would like to know more about what we can do, please contact Andy Petersen.

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Anothony D. Peterson, P.E.

Anthony D. Peterson, P.E. 
Senior Project Manager

Andy's experience includes managing projects through planning, design and construction phases. Andy has successfully completed projects that include elements such as site grading, erosion control, traffic control, water main extensions, sanitary sewer extensions, sanitary force mains, storm water collection and detention facilities, hydraulic modeling, parking lots, pavements, pavement markings and site restoration. 

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