City of New Berlin, WI

Project Description

Glendale Drive in the City of New Berlin was a rural cross section street with insufficient drainage that often flooded in a five to ten year storm. The City had a comprehensive plan to upgrade all of its major roads within the New Berlin Industrial Park to both retain existing and attract new industries and businesses. The design solution included upgrading the road from a rural to urban section, but also handling a large amount of storm water flow that entered the project site from three distinct points. The City also charged Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) to lower the overall cost of the project from it’s initial cost of $4.5 million to less than $3 million.

Project Highlights

R/M provided a design that allowed the elimination of roadside ditches and converted to an urban section while also maintaining some sediment controls with small swales behind the curbs. With an extensive use of value engineering, R/M worked with the City to eliminate any street flooding in up to a 25-year storm event, while also reducing the construction cost from $4.5 million to $2.7 million. R/M also provide both design and construction services. During construction, R/M utilized an email alert system, sometimes used multiple times a day, to let business owners know of road closure, water shut offs and contractor operations. The result was a minimum of calls to the Department of Public Works, freeing up staff time for other projects.

Services Provided

  • Road Reconstruction

  • Utility Relays/Upgrades, Sanitary Sewer and Water Main

  • Private Utility Relocation, Electric/Gas/Fiber Optic

  • Storm Water Management

  • Public Involvement