Annoyed by the high price and late delivery of your project’s record drawings and as-built surveys? Construction is an exciting, yet stressful time for staff and citizens.  It is a challenge to keep everyone current on the status of complex, multi-crew construction projects. 

R/M developed FieldAlly, a mobile construction review platform to streamline the process and improve the interaction of our construction review technicians (CRT) with our Clients.  Our CRTs are outfitted with FieldAlly software to communicate important data and ensure accurate quantities and items.  

During construction, our CRT’s collect the locations of infrastructure and complete your project’s record drawings while in the field.  Record drawings, daily construction events, project photographs, and bid quantities are documented in a digital format and transmitted to you daily as an easy-to-read report.  

As the project progresses, as-built drawings are prepared in a fraction of the time, are accessible via the web, and can be linked to your GIS. 

    Key Client Benefits

    • Replaces 20+ Varieties of Paper Reports
    • Ensure Accurate Quantities & Items
    • Capture Important Data
    • Completion of Record Drawings during Construction
    • Linked to Bid Quantity Database
    • Fully Digital Deliverables
    • Reports can be Imported into Record Drawings
    • Photos Embedded into Daily Reports
    • Linkable to GIS
    • Timely Access to Records
    • Reduced Project Costs
    We are impressed with the amount, quality, and consistency of the report information being developed by multiple construction review technicians. The timely reports provide us with daily updates to keep staff and officials informed.
    — City of Pewaukee, WI