It may be sunny and 80 degrees outside, but it's the perfect time to think about snow and ice. Many training sessions will be held this fall addressing road salt and other winter road management activities.

Snow and ice removal has an impact on local water quality; sand accumulates in storm pipes and streambeds, snow containing sediment, metals, exhaust particles and other pollutants melts and ends up in lakes, rivers and wetlands, and road salt melts snow and ice, which flows through storm sewers to the local waterways.

Municipal road salt crews are familiar with annual training sessions, calibration methods, and weather prediction tools to determine how much of the most appropriate product to use during each snow/ice event. Training sessions for private applicators who manage parking lots and walkways are being offered more frequently. Improved management of private parking lots and walkways during winter can preserve public safety, reduce costs and minimize the impacts of excess chlorides reaching local waterways.  

Check with your local city, village, county or storm water/water quality education group for upcoming winter road management training sessions.

  • Milwaukee Riverkeeper: Thursday, August 24th
    Contact Joe Fitzgerald at 414.431.0907 or
  • DuPage River Salt Creek Workgroup: Thursday, Oct 5th
    For more information, click here.
  • Waukesha County: Monday, October 23rd
    Contact Jayne Jenks for more information.

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Maureen A. McBroom
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