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Many suburban communities are experiencing significant re-development, one house at a time. The new houses are much larger than the old houses in many cases, and little by little they increase impervious area and introduce more ground water into the system via deeper basements and multiple sump pumps. Due to the relatively small size of the disturbance, these houses typically fly under the radar of storm water management regulations. Also, many of these re-developing neighborhoods were constructed with little or no drainage infrastructure.

Attend this seminar to get an overview of how historic development patterns and redevelopment activity can put pressure on municipal storm water drainage systems. R/M staff will review various best practices that can be considered by municipalities to alleviate these drainage and water quality concerns. We will also review detailed case studies to understand how other area municipalities are addressing similar concerns.

Topics Include:

  • How historic development patterns and redevelopment activity can lead to failure of a municipal storm water system.
  • Overview of best practices.
  • Successful neighborhood storm water techniques
  • Incorporating storm water practices into other municipal projects/activities.
  • Case studies on how communities overcame these challenges.


Steven C. Wurster, P.E. 
Chief Operating Officer, Ruekert & Mielke, Inc.

Andrew J. Sikich, P.E., CFM, CPESC
Office Manager, Ruekert & Mielke, Inc.