It matters, to you and to us, to be accurate and cost-efficient. Teamwork and our online collaboration tool called eRooms help shrink the work space between all parties.

Some of the benefits our clients see when using eRooms are:

  • Keep track of projects
  • Share documents
  • View information
  • Collaboration of project resources
  • Time and cost savings
  • Organized digital records
  • 24/7 online access

eRooms is running through Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat Reader. A secure log-in and password is provided to give you access to project files at anytime where you can share correspondence, project manuals, drawings, photos and other information. saving you both time and a full email inbox. Click the login below to access the site.





Our clients trust us to not only develop comprehensive drawings and specifications, but to bid jobs and secure quality contractors.




Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) hosts 6 seminars each year, touching on pertinent topics for our Wisconsin and Illinois clients. Please see below for presentation materials from recent seminars, and be sure to check our calendar for upcoming seminars you may be interested in.



For more than 20 years, R/M has been the leader for providing cloud-based GIS services to municipalities throughout the Midwest.

Communities can expect our firm to deliver time-tested GIS software which includes valuable tools and innovative functionalities. We work with communities to develop a guided plan that aligns your current processes to help you develop a steady and balanced approach.

What does this mean for you? First, it allows you to budget your implementation over several years to stay current and proactive. Second, this allows for the proper training time needed for staff to become familiar with the GIS applications in our playground GIS site called YourTown™. This site is a great way to gain access to geographic and land information for an imaginary city. We encourage communities to sign up for this complementary demo to get a sense of how your community can benefit from years of software evolution.

To request an account for this demo opportunity or for further questions, contact:



Our GIS blog allows our clients to get the most out of their GIS application. We offer tips, tricks, and tools so that users can learn on their own time, from the comfort of their computer. Our blog is also the easiest way to learn about new software updates or any changes to the interface.

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As a useful resource for professionals and businesses alike, Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. utilizes a LinkedIn presence to stay ahead of the industry, providing current and relevant information to our followers regarding infrastructure strategies, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable vision. Be sure to follow us for both industry and company updates.




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