Kenosha, WI

A seemingly simple project can often have challenges that can make or break a budget. For Ocean Spray, a strict, two-week timeframe in which part of the project could be completed meant the difference between success and potentially costly back-ups in production. Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) was the only firm to offer a schedule that fit within the timeframe and kept on budget.

Project Description

Ocean Spray required repairs to a culvert on their grounds as well as to several pipes and drainage areas. However, one lower pipe ran directly underneath the one main access railroad to the facilities. The only timeframe to complete that area was during a routine two-week plant shut down. R/M was able to complete the project in that timeframe to ensure that business could return on time and run as usual.

Another challenge to the Ocean Spray project involved the wetland areas surrounding the company’s land. With R/M’s in-house wetland specialists, the team was able to expedite the process for approval by using our experts to review and send in an Artificial Wetland Exemption Request to allow improvements to drainage.

Project Highlights

The project has successfully moved on to Phase Two due to the fast-tracked schedule that R/M was able to put together along with our team of experts. Cost and time savings allowed the project to continue to meet the overall needs of the client.

Wetland review and an accelerated approval process was one key advantage to R/M’s offering of in-house wetland experts. The team’s flexibility and ability to collaborate with the client to meet the specific timeframe played a major role in the success of Phase One.

Services Provided

  • Wetland Review

  • Culvert Construction

  • Storm Water Design