Provides financial assistance to municipalities for wastewater and storm water infrastructure projects.

Application Deadline:  Pre-Application: Oct 31

Eligible Parties:

Eligible local governments are only those towns, villages, cities, counties and tribal governments that have a DNR accepted comprehensive outdoor recreation plan or master plan which has been approved by resolution by the local governing unit. A county outdoor recreation plan and that contains sufficient detail related to the grant project may also satisfy the plan requirement. Local governments with qualifying plans receive eligibility to apply for grants for up to five years. If you have not submitted a plan, contact your DNR region CSS for information about how to satisfy this requirement.

Eligible Projects: 

Property with frontage on rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries, and reservoirs; picnic areas; recreational trails; natural/scenic areas.

Required Matching Funds: 

Up to 50%.. Sponsor’s share cannot be from state sources.