According to the Wisconsin DNR, approximately 250 municipalities in Wisconsin are required to hold a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit under NR 216, Wis. Adm. Code. Whether your municipality is an experienced permittee, or this is your first permitted year, one deadline remains equal: The 2016 Annual Report is due March 31st, 2017. With only two and a half weeks to go until this deadline, now is the time to compile all relevant information and contact the DNR with any remaining questions or concerns. 

What used to be somewhat routine may take a bit more this year, as the annual report form has changed. For first-term permittees, this will be the first time an annual report will be completed. The report itself is an 8-page document that summarizes the main efforts that municipalities have taken throughout the year to comply with their MS4 permit. The main report sections are as follows:

  • General information about municipality
  • Evaluation of permit conditions
  • Fiscal analysis
  • Inspections and enforcement actions
  • Water quality concerns
  • Proposed program changes

Filling out the report in an accurate and detailed manner will reduce the chance of any issues during a DNR audit . R/M's experienced staff are ready to assist your community through the development of their MS4 annual reports.

NOTE: Annual Report deadline for all Illinois MS4 permittees is June 1st, 2017

Contact our storm water experts for more information about the MS4 Annual Reports. 

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